About us

We are a full service digital agency that helps your company build a successful network for your consumers based on audience insights and analysis of the users needs. Our mission is to develop exceptional communities that strengthen the power of your brand while connecting customers that generate unique, user-centric content. Every second of every day. Driven by passion and fun – increasing your customers brand loyalty. Joocom is a home for experts of all sorts. Our services stretch from building and developing communities, community management/ administration, social business strategies, content generation, social applications and social marketing campaigns.


Your brand, our passion

Building a successful and unique community requires the understanding of each clients business and products. We love what we do – and we love to learn about the things your brand does. So we start by collecting all the relevant information that tells us what makes your products and consumers unique.
Since we know what’s essential, we take a closer look at the users perspective and how they want to interact with your brand in a digital world.

But our passion doesn’t stop there. After launching a clients community, our approach is to measure relevant user behaviour by collecting user data and conversion statistics, so performance and user experience can be improved constantly. Your brand becomes our passion.

Introducing the joocomers

Joocom is a home for experts of all sorts – geeks, designers & marketeers commit their love for all the things that unite people in a digital world. Our experts mean everything to us – they define what we are. Our culture and our passion is driven by the smart people who share their love to connect millions of clients, customers and users.