Planning & Strategy

With nearly a decade of experience in providing innovative products for socializing millions of people we know that everything starts with a challenging idea. When your brand vision becomes our passion we start setting out a plan for bringing the vision to life. This process includes feature evaluation, product prototyping & roadmaps, and an internal timeline guide for each phase of the project that provides efficient resource usage during the development process.


It’s geek time. After planning is done our experts start working on bringing your vision to life. Our development division is a multidisciplinary, experienced team that uses up-to-date technology like PHP, Java, C, Perl, Erlang, Ecma Script, Bash and Delphi. Our databases are fueled by the power of PostgreSQL, MySQL, sqlite, CouchDB or BerkleyDB to ensure maximum performance for millions of users.


Usability is essential for creating successful products and communities. Our design division develops user interfaces, websites and applications that people can relate to. Designs with a heart – memorable- always balancing logic and emotion for creating an exceptional experience. We are proud of not creating products for desktop screens only. We design responsive; no matter the size or resolution, everybody can access the products through mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops or desktop pcs. From home or on the go.

Content Development

Valuable editorial content is a must to ensure that your target audience is reached. Only relevant communication media like videos, pictures and articles will attract the users within a social community. Our content development division provides the necessary media and enables your consumers to spread your brand’s values through search engines, social syndication and relevant networks. Our content development team is multilingual – providing all the content in spanish, french, english and german if needed.

Hosting & Support

As a full service agency we offer individual hosting & support solutions for clients. Before launching a brand’s community, we always recommend inhouse hosting to provide maximum availability and performance. Driven by the engagement of our tech division, we process over 31 million – unique hits each day from all over the globe while operating 45 high performance servers 24/7. We are always ready to add your project to this lovely family.